Chang on fetishization

“…the purveyors of the tourist trade continues to exploit flesh for profit…Sex appeal was lucrative…attracting more than one hundred thousand customers a year, among them senators, governors, and at least one future president (Ronald Reagan, then a young actor, is reported to have been an eager patron). Toward the end of the decade, the World’s Fair in San Francisco exposed the crass ambitions of certain Chinatown merchants eager to distort the image of Chinese women to entice white sensibilities.”

The Chinese in AmericaIris Chang

Chang on the rise of Asian (more specifically Chinese in this case) fetishization in America. This issue has always been around since the Europeans first came in contact with Asians, but it has become increasingly worse because almost all men have done little to halt this fetishization.

To this day, men still exploit Asian women (and women in general) for their benefit/business. For instance, I was watching “What Asian Girls Like” (I know I shouldn’t but I did anyway) by two brothers who make profit out of making Youtube video (some are decent) and advertising their or their friends’ merchandise. Then in their comment section you may see various ways of saying how hot Asian girls are and all that bullshit. Ugh just horrible.


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