Submission to Angry Asian Girls United

I have always been a fairly liberal-minded person, even as a child. When I was younger I lived in communities that had a white majority (Oklahoma, Texas, and Arizona to be specific), this means that I was teased by and alienated from my mostly white peers because I had a different culture, a different religion, and a different look. Because of the racism, I learned at an early age that society will try to model me into what it wants me to be — an agreeable, white-washed Asian bride. I hate to admit it, but I did try to fit into that mold, because I was a lonely kid who desperately wanted to have friends. This led me to hold some problematic views because I did not know better at the time. 

But as I grew older and came to better understand what was wrong with discrimination, objectification, racism, and sexism, my views shifted drastically. I eventually became interested in politics and started actively seeking social change.

Now I’m a proud Asian-American feminist, which leads me to say…

The idea that my interests, roles, and personality should conform to some mold society has prepared for me merely because I am of Asian decent and have a vagina infuriates me. I should not be restricted from doing what I want or being who I want because the racist patriarchal society told me so. My resistance to that manifests in my rejection of things that are racist and discriminatory. Alongside my API and PoC sisters and brothers, I fight in a revolution for social, economic, and political equality and justice. 

My submission on February 2, 2014. Edited on WordPress on June 10, 2014.


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