Changes to my reading challenge

Here are my excuses for falling behind on my reading challenge and blogging:

I didn’t expect to be so busy during the summer.

I am currently a senior in high school who is struggling to complete college/scholarship applications.

I am in a writing funk.

I just haven’t been in a bloggy mood.

I distract myself with other things, often to avoid writing or doing a work.

I am just not feeling it.


Now that I got those excuses out of the way…I want to clarify something about the “No Dudes Allowed” reading challenge for myself. Originally, I intended to ready 40 books by female authors by the end of 2014. However, it’s almost the end of 2014 and I’m not even close to 10 books. So, I am extending my deadline to when ever I finish that 40th book.


Why am I doing this?

During the past few months, I discovered a lot of things about myself—specifically for this case, my reading habits.

I now know that I generally read books when I feel like it is The Time. The Time refers to the moment when my heart, mind, and body are aligned and ready to take on all the passages. Now this doesn’t apply to every book I read, but it’s a quirk of mine—a serious quirk that affects my enjoyment of a book and writing.

Think about it: Have you ever read a book once, and didn’t like it or enjoy it or get it? Then you read it again, and then the lightbulb turns on and you love that book? If you answered yes, then you may understand what I mean by “at your own pace” or “reading books at the right time.” (If you answered no, please try it. It might be fun!)

Sometimes I feel rushed when I’m reading. That time crunch takes away the enjoyment of reading for me, because I like to read slowly. A slow pace helps me understand and appreciate the passages and all of its hidden meanings. There is nothing wrong with reading slow, because that is how I naturally function. I have the freedom to read when ever I want and however I want. Sadly however, I don’t make enough time to actually read one book and want to jump to another but can’t because I have other stuff I need to do—Yes, I am justifying how my laziness and procrastination affects my reading and my work. Actually, that may be is the ultimate reason why I haven’t been able to read as much as I should have been.

Now back to The Time: For certain books, I do feel as though the planets have to align for me to read them. Because I know that if I read them in a point in my life when there is no significant emotional urge or physical energy or mental stamina, they would mean nothing to me. I would not get anything out of them and I would not enjoy them, because reading would become a chore and I would find even more excuses not to read. And I don’t want that!

In fact, I know I have the passion to read all the books I’ve put off but the time for me to actually start hasn’t come yet. So yes, I will wait. I will wait until I can approach all the books that are waiting for me with the readiness to have fun absorbing wisdom and knowledge from them.


What else do I have to say about timing and reading?

Because my mind and my body are interconnected, I treat it like my health (unfortunately). I have to be in the mood for doing something to really enjoy the experience.

Hopefully—one day—I will be more eager to do both much more regularly than I do now. But until then, I will read at my own pace, at my own time, and at my own desire.


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