After 2015

This year has been eye opening. Everything that’s happened in the media, in the streets, and in my home.

First and foremost

Let’s talk about me.

Look back on the past year, I want to celebrate some achievements: 5th anniversary of overcoming my eating disorder, 1st anniversary of my blog, going to college, and coming out as asexual.

Moreover, the twists of fate I have encountered in the past year revealed parts of me that I didn’t know existed. I am still trying to process somethings I learned about myself this past year. I should never be ashamed of my parents’ professions; they are proud of me as much as I am of them. I am jealous and petty but it’s still possible for me to get over those feelings. I am lovable but I’m not meant to find love anytime soon. I am a hopeless romantic and asexual, odd combination but that doesn’t mean I can’t build a life for myself. I am getting better at recovering from episodes of depression and anxiety. My struggles have made me more complex and empowered; they gave me more character and I am forever grateful for that.


New Friends + Mentors

The people I have met this past year inspire me to be more creative. I want to learn more about photography and filming making, rather than critiquing photos and films. I want to do more crafts and make little pieces of art. Of course, I want to get better at writing as a budding academic and as a blogger. With their support, I am ready to finish some old projects and start some new ones.


The social and political movements I have been caught up in have taught me so much about the importance of justice, democracy, love, and respect. I really want to do more on the streets and on my campus to promote that.

These are exciting times. I don’t want to miss a single moment.


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