Brandon Li Oda

He is a writer I have admired for quite some time. Most of his writing have disappeared after he fell off the face of Tumblr (and what seems like the internet). However, many of his poignant posts and blurbs still live on through the screencaps and reblogs of others. His words really motivated me, even if they aren’t the best. And though they are quite angsty, they are also mellow. His advice is reasonable and simple. It’s something I look back on when I feel like I’m losing my way because it’s strangely comforting.

This is some advice he had for college freshmen which I dug up. Being at that level in this moment, I really want to keep this on my blog to look back on.

The most important things in life that you need to know won’t be taught in school–they will be taught through people and experiences, loss and gain, and some more loss. Experience is priceless. Study abroad if you can. Travel as much as you can…Don’t fall into the illusion that numbers and grade reflect your worth. The default path of education is not the same path to happiness, that’s a different road…And remember that it’s okay to feel lost.

This is not the last you have heard from him, whether from himself or from me. It all depends on time.


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